Prototype moulds

Prototype moulds contribute significantly to the development process. However, such moulds can often not operate automatically and temperatures in them are not controlled to optimum levels. Products manufactured with these moulds usually do not have an appealing appearance and are not within measurement tolerances. They don’t provide much room for testing the performance of the product and gaining experience in the development of mass production moulds.  However, we do obtain a pseudo-final product that serves for the purpose of future development and promotion of product.


Manufacture of prototypes: frequently asked questions

What benefits can we expect from pilot moulds?
Pilot moulds can show us where we might have left out some design details in a product, thus preventing potential problems and issues that might otherwise occur in a product and a mass production mould.

Products manufactured with pilot moulds enable us to thoroughly examine the functionality of a product and to test it.
Moreover, pilot moulds can provide the customer with a complete conceptual solution for a mass production mould, reducing the time for mould development and its transfer into operation.

Products manufactured with a pilot mould enable customer to use these parts (products) in the production of assembly lines (if parts are assembled on assembly lines) and to test the assembly line prior to the manufacture of products with a roduction mould.

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