High precision and speed of machining

Our machinery includes CNC milling and turning machines, CNC EDM machines and wire cut EDM machines with a palletizing robot, CNC profile and surface grinding machines, CNC measuring machines for calibration and control, optical and other measuring devices. In our Production Preparation and Technology Department, we use the MasterCAM software as well as other types of software.

All our machines are networked to software centres in the Technology Department and to company’s IT system.

Our facilities enable us an independent and precise planning of production, as well as fast and precise CNC machining for all types of operations.

In our tool shop, the following machining processes for the manufacture of all parts of injection moulds are used:

  • standard and high-speed milling (HS);
  • turning;
  • electrical discharge machining (EDM);
  • wire cut EDM;
  • surface and profile grinding;
  • 3D measurements of electrodes;
  • 3D measurements of machined mould parts;
  • ultrasound polishing;
  • fine sandblasting.

CNC machining: frequently asked questions

Do you provide 3D milling services?
At Form Tehnik, 3D milling is a standard machining process.

What is the biggest size of a part that can be machined in your CNC machining centres?
We provide our customers with the cutting-edge CNC machining services where parts with dimensions of up to 1.250 x 650mm can be machined.

What tolerances can be obtained with your CNC machines?
Standard tolerances that can be obtained in CNC milling and turning are +-0.01mm. In EDM and wire cut EDM machining or rather grinding, tolerances of up to +-0.005mm can be obtained.

Would you like to cooperate with us?

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