Packaging characteristics and buyers’ first contact with the product are factors that influence the purchasing decision. Therefore, the packaging industry is one of those industries that need to constantly develop new products. Closures are one of the main components of the entire packaging, and their appearance and, above all, functionality make them also one of the most demanding to produce.

An injection-moulded closure requires functionality, good sealing, sterility, durability and repeatability – characteristics that protect the integrity and safety of the product, preserve the flavour and freshness, and guarantee long shelf life.

If we focus only on the segment of closure systems, we see that these products are produced at a high engineering level.

Form Tehnik employs a qualified team of engineers with expertise and experience in the development of closure systems, as well as development and manufacture of production moulds.

Industries where these products are mostly used are as follows:

  • food/beverage industry;
  • pharmaceutical industry;
  • cosmetic industry;
  • personal hygiene;
  • healthcare;
  • chemical industry.

We have experience and expertise in the manufacture of moulds for caps, lids, pumps, sprays and other closure systems for plastic or metal packaging that protect liquids and food. Moreover, we are specialized in markets that require high precision, large quantities, two-component injection moulding services (2K) and unique innovative products.


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